Alyse Ashton

Alyse Ashton

An accomplished consultant, coach and facilitator, Alyse brings over 20 years of international business experience, as well as the ability to tap into what makes people tick.

What excites her is seeing individuals and teams making step changes in what they do and how they do it; sustainable changes. Simply put, she focuses on behaviour change with a commercial edge – helping individuals, teams and leaders to grow and develop and have the satisfaction of achieving their goals more quickly and effectively.

Her experience spans a wide range of international and UK organisations including business & organisation consultancy, senior level coaching & facilitation, change management (emphasising engaging people to bring about change in a tough environment), leadership and personal skills development.

Alyse Ashton’s background is in blue chip organisations across marketing and HR (with a strong emphasis on development). She is also fluent in French and German with a level B qualification in psychometric testing. This means that she can adapt to different cultures and offer a range of practical development options based on her understanding of psychological techniques.

Clients value her incisive, creative and flexible approach to meeting their specific needs. She is unswervingly practical in bringing strategy and theory to life. Enquiring, pragmatic and direct (when needed!), Alyse Ashton’s hallmark is injecting humour and energy in everything she does.