Robbie MacPherson

Robbie MacPhersonAfter successful periods first as a forensic psychologist at the Home Office and then as an occupational psychologist working on recruitment and assessment in the Cabinet Office, Robbie left the Civil Service in 1986 determined to help individuals, teams and organisations become more effective at whatever they are in business to, particularly at working more effectively with their customer and colleagues.

Clients value his honesty and reliability. He has an enduring sense of inquiry and curiosity – searching for improvement in what he and his colleagues deliver to their clients. The underlying desire is to show that any suggestions for improvement are practical and of use to clients while being built on firm, research-based evidence.

He has worked quite literally with hundreds of professionals – nearly all technically highly proficient but most somewhat constrained when it comes to their personal influence and relationship building skills. This means he understands fully how people feel and the impact these feelings can have on people’s effectiveness with clients and colleagues. This insight helps him work with people to improve their performance – and, where necessary, his background in counselling allows him to work at a deeper individual level to allow people to address unhelpful feelings and move on to more skilful interactions.

The vast majority of his clients have been professionals – including a major project with Eversheds developing young lawyers business development skills. He has also worked with individual lawyers within his corporate clients – for example, British Airways, Castrol and Burgerking. This worked has covered team building, personal development and coaching. This means that he has a good understanding of professional firms, their challenges and pressures – as well as the sort of work lawyers do and the skills required.

One-to-one coaching has focused on developing business strategy, individual performance, interpersonal skills and cognitive behaviour.