Leadership coaching

The background

A high potential senior leader in a global blue chip was recently promoted to board level had moved into an operational leadership role from a project role and was facing a significant challenge to deliver change and results. He also wanted to grow into his new role, and clarify and shape his future career direction. Having agreed very clear objectives we created the space for him to explore and clarify his thinking and break through blocks. We helped him explore his own preferences and how he could flex his style in working with others. We also worked on issue within the structure of his organisation whilst they were actually happening, creating a high performance culture following redundancies.

The results

He identified a significant shift in his self confidence and comfort in his role. He has successfully led a new organisation through a tough period by actively engaging his team and setting clearer performance expectations. This has been described by his peers on the board as a ‘fantastic turnaround’. He now has clarity on his desired career path and is taking an active role in shaping this.