Major event orchestration

The background

Our client, a global energy company, wanted an energetic, engaging 1.5 day event which brought together 5 newly established finance teams. We worked hand in hand with the internal project team to design an event which really tackled the key issues, as well as conducting interviews with key stakeholders and participants to ensure the event responded to their needs.

The results

We created a lively, engaging event which combined scope for people to work together and deal with real issues as well as building team spirit. Whilst there was a clear design, we facilitated fluidly so that we could respond to different needs ‘on the fly’ and make the event a real success. We also designed tools to ensure that all key players at the event felt confident that they knew how to contribute.

The event really made a difference to the team which was very fragmented. Now the leadership team have a clearer view of where people are on their journey. Agreement was reached on all the issues in hand. The event design produced hard outputs – excellence agendas and mini project plans which the teams could take away with them.