Skills & development programmes

The background

One of our clients wanted to invigorate their leadership training and ensure that they gave managers fresh thoughts and approaches which were relevant to their business issues.  After talking to them about their specific challenges, we designed a solution which drew on their existing tools (such as a 360) and blended a workshop with support from trained internal coaches as well as linking in to their e-learning programmes.

The results

We created an intervention which was fresh, engaging and stretched the group whilst maximising the chances of longer term change. Following the pilot we were invited to deliver the programme internationally – in countries as widespread as Holland, India and Malaysia.

At the end of the workshop delegates said they were “inspired” “motivated”, “refreshed” “reflective” and “eager to test my wings”. As for their feedback about the workshop, they said “approachable facilitators who created an open atmosphere” “high quality exercises and short interesting sessions” “use of the relationship map brings high value on applying theory to the real world” “all the tools were presented well and I could feel the benefits in the last session [practice] of what we had learned – well done!”