Alyse challenges businesses and teams to examine the assumptions they have made and the patterns they have fallen into. As a result, she is often invited to speak to both at conferences and by organisations wanting to galvanise change.

Her clarion call is that there is immense scope for people to be more fulfilled, have fun and to deliver even better results in the process. How often do you challenge yourself and your team to look for fresher, more engaging and more productive ways of doing things?

Capable of speaking at both a strategic and a practical level, her speaking style is vibrant yet direct, entertaining yet challenging.

Alyse’s major speaking topics are: Leadership, teams that deliver, women in business, power of positive thinking, impact, talent management, real engagement in change. She is specifically able to speak to the following areas:

  • Viva la revolucion! Why change fails, (and no, it’s not natural resistance to it) and what you can do about it.
  • How to put the “f” in teams Why feelings outweigh actions and intentions when driving strategic change.
  • Federer the Footballer Being someone you’re not hampers your performance. How to identify your talents and strengths and use them every day.
  • You don’t have to drive hard to get results Low levels of engagement hit your profits hard. How leaders can get the engagement they need by letting go of the need to be “right” all the time, and enabling their teams to perform.
  • Man, I feel like a woman Women are hugely successful educationally but hugely under-represented at board level. Alyse explores why this is and helps companies tackle the male-oriented ‘rules of the game’ in their team or business
  • Beyond best practice Best practice breeds poor innovation. How to rebuild curiosity, listening and learning in your organisation.

Alyse has presented to conferences and workshops as well as corporate events, break-out groups and kick off sessions. To book Alyse for your event get in touch.